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From 25 August to 2 September 2012

Every year on the first Sunday of September is held in Pescia the Palio of the Archers.
For this occasion, in the city takes on a suggestive atmosphere thanks to beautiful streets and squares in the centre , adorned with the flags of the four districts contenders.
The Archers of Ferraia, S. Maria, San Michele and San Francesco will give the best of themselves to win the Palio.

Saturday, 25 August
Opening of manifestations connected to the 35th Palio
9.00 p.m. Piazza del Grano - "what a night" variety of comedy, magic and juggling.

Sunday, 26 August
From morning
Piazza Mazzini - Medieval little market of Arts and Crafts - the Pro Loco of Larciano will exhibiteold cars siege
5.00 p.m. 10th "Palla al Paniere" trophy - a competition between young Quarter citizens - will take place
9.30 p.m. piazza del Grano - Fashion parade

Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29, Thursday 30
Propitiatory dinners organized in the four quarters:
On Monday: Ferraia On Tuesday: San Michele
On Wednesday: San Francesco On Thursday: Santa Maria

Friday, August 31
Extraordinary participation of a German group of musicians
At 8.30 p.m. Blessing of the Palio, the banners of the Districts and the league at the Cathedral. Evening torchlight parade of the four districts along the town streets with arrival in Piazza Mazzini.
Presentation of the Palio, drawing of the straw mattress and the archers.
Exhibition of musicians and flag-wavers.
Presentation of the "dame of Pescia" who will participate in the 13th edition of "Beauty and Elegance of the Woman in the Middle Age and in the Renaissance"
Fanfarenzug friends of Neuburg will be present : " An evening of friendship between peoples". At the end of the event: "Toast of friendship in the Place"

Saturday, September 1
At 9.00 p.m, Piazza Mazzini
13th edition of "Beauty and Elegance of the woman in the Middle Age and the Renaissance.
In case of bad weather, the event will take place in the sports hall.
Fanfarenzug friends of Neuburg will be present.

Sunday, September 2
From 10.15 a.m. in the Four Quarters and in Piazza Mazzini, the Araldo, with the accompaniment of the Musicians, will announce to the town the disputation of the Palio.
Pro loco of Larciano will exhibite old cars siege.

3.00 p.m. historical procession along the town streets with arrival in Piazza Mazzini.
Fanfarenzug friends of Neuburg and the historical group "The Castella of Valleriana" will be present.

5.00 p.m opening of the 35th Palio Città di Pescia: this year the rag entitled "Pescia and her Castella: Vellano " is painted by Paola Sacchetti.

Combination of the Districts to the tickets drawn during the Palio Lottery.
From 7.30 p.m dinner in Piazza del Grano "Il Palio aTavola"

Info: Ufficio Turismo Pescia
Tel. 0572 490919 turismo@comune.pescia.pt.it

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